September 17, 2021
51tPR3 0zdL - MAKING MONEY ONLINE WITH KINDLE EBOOKS: Proven steps and strategies Of generating money from Various Online Sources Money Strategies

MAKING MONEY ONLINE WITH KINDLE EBOOKS: Proven steps and strategies Of generating money from Various Online Sources Money Strategies

Book 7 in series.

In 2007, Amazon- the internet commerce giant introduced an eBook reader, which was priced at $399 and was dedicated specifically to read eBooks. It was named the Amazon Kindle. There wasn’t much competition in the market for eBooks but soon after the launch of Kindle the demand for eBooks has risen significantly and has now been growing worldwide.

There are millions of book titles in electronic format (aka eBooks) which are available on Amazon’s online store. And the Kindle is designed to adapt seamlessly to the interface of Amazon’s online site so that it can be easily downloaded and read wirelessly anytime and anywhere. Buying new books and subscribing to magazines and newspapers has become very easier nowadays with the help of Kindle. Readers can easily download and subscribe on-the-go wirelessly through Kindle and it doesn’t require connecting it to even a computer. Amazon has been leading the eBook industry and one of their major advantages of high popularity among customers is their online site which draws them huge traffic from all over the world.

Why would you want to use an eBook reader in the first place?

Amazon’s Kindle – the eBook reader can hold up to 1400 books in its storage. The device has also got Wi-Fi connectivity feature which allows you to download on-the-go via Internet. It has got 2GB and 4GB storage space enough to store a lot of book titles, newspapers and magazines on it. Plus the newer version of the Kindle device comes with a feature which allows users to upload their titles to Amazon’s cloud which means users can re-download and delete titles seamlessly from the cloud allowing more data to be stored and save space on the device.

The Kindle is a portable device which is very easy to carry around for travelers in a single pocket. Those who love to read while travelling must consider Kindle as the trouble of carrying huge books from one place to another can easily be replaced by this device. Even if you get bored of reading the same titles or want something completely new to read time-to-time then there is this option which is available 24/7 i.e. Amazon’s online bookstore where you can download anything you like within a couple of minutes. You won’t have to wait till you get to the library or queue in to buy your favorite author’s newly published books as everything is available online on the internet for you to download.

The Kindle not only is for reading books but also it allows users many different features packed with it. You can type notes as you read any titles, bookmark any page and highlight texts from reading and a lot more. This innovation would certainly be welcomed by students as the need for carrying a bag packed with full of hefty books can be replaced easily by this small device.

When you are browsing the bookstore to buy a gift for your friend you may have been in this dilemma of which one you should get, an eBook or an old-fashioned paper book? Considering portability and storage capacity an eBook reader can hold thousands of book titles at once but the classic paper made book has also its advantage of that nostalgic feeling that comes with it. Both come with their pros and cons.

Well if you are a traveler or you are someone who likes to read or discover many different topics while reading, then an eBook reader is what you should go for in terms of the device’s storage capacity to carry thousands of books and portability factor.
On the other hand, the classic paper book has got a feeling to it – a sense of nostalgia that comes with it and many people seem to be very much fond of the old hardcover books to store in their shelves for lifetime.
Here’s a list of facts that people take into consideration before going for a eBook reader or old fashioned paper books. It is important for you to know this, as only then you can decide whether or not you want to publish your book in paperback or eBook or both formats:

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