September 27, 2021
maxresdefault 30 - How Do Youtubers Make Money?

How Do Youtubers Make Money?

Heres a video concerning money …

Let me address a couple of points yall are discussing, "oh so and also so did a complimentary meetup right here" yo, im sure we could be able to get away with a cost-free fulfill and also welcome yet the entire "what happens if" point is frightening. The one we performed in brand-new jacket, a charming viewer drove right up from florida to satisfy us, what if the police had shut that down? She drove completely right here for nothing! Wed hate to guarentee meeting yall then needing to take that away.

And if you say "taylor caniff is doing a totally free tour why cant you" breh, somebody is spending for him to take a trip throughout the nation and also lease locations, idk exactly how he handles to do it absolutely free yet if you might allow me recognize please do. Besides that youngster is ballin don't he have like 3 vehicles haha

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